Friday, September 4, 2009

Acting Out culture post 6

Prompt: I would like you to reflect on the essay you just wrote (1st Draft of Personal Narrative). What was your writing process like? Did you find the assignment difficult? Why or why not? How did you end up deciding on a topic? What specific questions or concerns do you have about the draft? ....etc.

My process was fairly simple. I decided on a topic that I knew very well and that I knew would be interesting. I then decided what kind of format I wanted to write this in; journal, five-pargraph essay, or story form.

I thought that they assignment was kind a good one. There was not a lot of research or other things that had to be done for it. It was just sit down and write about an experience of our own and I liked that.

My only concern is, did I write for a purpose, and if so, does the sentences transistion well?

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