Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Acting out culture post 5

Prompt: Now that you have written a letter with Dr. Leland as your audience, I would like you to write a similar letter but with your peers as the audience. What sort of persuasive arguments will they want to hear that are similar or different from the evidence you provided for Dr. Leland? How will you need to change your approach in order to accommodate this new audience?

Dear Fellow Students of Georgia College & State University,

I would like to tell you all why I think that we should have Luke Bryan as the artist for the school-sponsored concert on front lawn. As many of you already know, Luke Bryan is a country musician who writes a lot of really upbeat, fun songs and some of his songs even have to do with college. He has one song that is written about sorority girls specifically. Bryans concerts are exciting and fun and most of his songs are really relative to our lives as college students and young adults. I have personally been to one of his concerts and it was alot of fun. There were tons of university students and they were all having a great time. If you would support me in my request to have Luke Bryan as our guest performer, I doubt that you would be dissapointed.\


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