Thursday, August 27, 2009

Acting out culture post 2

Prompt: You, in all your magnificent power, have the ability to banish (to Pluto for instance) one person from the earth. Free write on who you would you banish and why. Dead or alive. (and use your imagination...don't go for the easy answers--ex: Hitler)

If I could banish one person from this earth (or send them to Pluto), it would be the founder of PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an extremist group that does not understand what could and would happen if they managed to suceed with their excessive ideas.

I personally enjoy eating meat. There is a great amount of protein in it and it tastes great. PETA wants to take away all of the meat factories and wants every one to go vegetarian. Maybe it is because I live in Georgia and I have seen the damage that an excess of animals such as deer have done to farms and to cars, but I do not think that it would be beneficial for everyone to become a vegetarian and to stop hunting. PETA is also against the euthanizing of animals. I think that if anything, this is unfair to some animals such as domestic ones who are chronically sick or strays who will not be able to find a good home. Declawing cats is something that they stand against but I find that unfair to the cats that live outside and use their claws to defend themselves and to catch their prey. PETA also doesn't believe in caging birds or chaining up dogs. I think it is for the protection of the animals that these things are done. The birds could easily fly up into the fans or a dog could run in the road and get hit by car: both scenarios could kill or disable the animals. I think they should be able to get out at times but not on a permanent status.

Zoos are also another thing that PETA works against even though many zoos are the reason that some species are still alive and surviving. Take the panda for instance, if it were not for the zoos that captured them at a young age and took them in, they more than likely would have died out. PETA says that they are against predator-reinduction programs but if the animals are never reintroduced into the wild, where will they go? The zoos? Oh yea, but PETA wants to close those down. There would be no such thing as help for these animals and they would only be hurt.

Don't get me wrong, PETA has some good intentions and I agree with some of the things they are against such as awful conditions in factories and genetic modifications. That is not fair to the animals and I would be okay with paying a little more money at the grocery store to know that the animals were well taken care of but I do not have the same philosphies as PETA. The organization acts so excessively and has such extreme beliefs that most of the policies and practices it would enforce would be more harmful then helpful.

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