Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Acting out culture post 1 [normal]

Prompt:Take a moment to reflect on the experiences of your own life. What are the particular ideas/values/attitudes that invite us to accept certain aspects of society as normal? You can pull examples from various media outlets, literature, clubs/organizations, etc. The main focus should be on thinking about how we are approached and persuaded to buy into an idea of normal.

I think that normal is a term that helps describe the conditions that we are brought up to believe. We are taught from an early age how we are supposed to act in various conditions and situations. I was brought up under the value that I am not supposed to smoke cigarettes or do drugs because they are harmful for you and can be illegal and that is normal for me. For others though, they were raised in a situtation where they saw these things on a daily basis and therefore, is something that is normal for them. On the subject of drugs and cigarettes, we are constantly surrounded by media that is condoning or refuting their usage. It is very normal to see an anti-drug or anti-smoking commercial but then again, we often see advertisements for cigarettes and legalizing marijuana on the internet. Those advertisements have had an affect on society and what is normal because they change people's standards and the accepted actions.

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